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From the Head Master

We welcome talented boys, whatever their background, who we believe will benefit from an Eton education and very significant levels of financial support (up to 100% of full fees) are available through our various means-tested bursaries.

We are academically selective and successful candidates will need a high level of academic ability. However, we also look to a boy’s character and attitude. We want boys with energy and purpose who will take advantage of the vast array of opportunities on offer at Eton for their own sake but we are also looking for boys whose presence here will enhance other pupils’ experience through the contribution they make to the life of the College and to the warmth of the boarding community.

There are three ways in which we assess whether a boy is a good candidate. We receive full reports from the candidates’ current school, telling us about his performance, attitude and potential. All candidates sit a computer-based test for an hour which is taken at Eton; this gives us an indication of a boy’s underlying ability in several areas. He will also have an interview with an experienced master. These three elements have equal weight and the selection panel discusses every candidate in detail before coming to a decision.